8 Inspiring Interior Design Youtube Channels

There may come a time in your life where you say ‘I’ve had enough of plain and white rooms in my house… I need something more’, of course everybody wants a breathtaking living room, or a killer modern kitchen, or maybe a master bedroom that would make any hotel room jealous and this is when the challenge begins… How do you learn basic tips and design basics to start decorating your own home (maybe even budget friendly) when you don’t know where to look? There are many ways for you to find amazing ideas for your home and I personally recommend these 8 Inspiring Interior Design Youtube Channels for you to find motivation and inspiration:


This Youtube channel is a great one for you to learn tips and tricks if you want to learn interior design and apply this knowledge to your own home, the person behind it all is Zahira Curry, an architect and interior designer, founder of Online Design Magazine “D.Signers” (you can also follow her on instagram and through her blog. The channel has a lot of videos about many important and useful things to consider if you are interested in interior design and also specific videos depending on the room of your home that you want to decorate.



Aseel A.H. is an interior designer that wants to help people with interest in design by providing as much information as possible. Her Youtube channel has a lot of useful videos to help you with software, job search, dealing with clients, design book recommendations and so much more useful information. I really liked this channel because Aseel offers information in a very approachable and relatable manner, her tips are really helpful if you are thinking about becoming an interior designer or even if you want to decorate your own home.


Editor’s Choice!

This is one of the most varied Youtube channels I came across with about interior design and home decor, Julie Khuu is a professional interior designer who understands that home renovating can be budget friendly and shares her knowledge for people to learn and hopefully use in their own projects. Her videos cover many subjects about design and decor like common mistakes to avoid, how to choose a color palette, tricks and tips to style a room (like how to hang a picture or how to design a gallery wall), she also has DIY budget friendly tutorials and many many more. This channel has a lot of variety in content but the coolest thing about it is that the tips never seem to stop, they are very helpful and you can adapt it to your own project at home.


Everybody loves home makeovers, well… at least Clarissa does, she does makeovers of the rooms in her house as well as for other people and she shows us all the cool and important details of the process of renovations. I think this channel is great for someone who wants to make a renovation in their home but keep it budget friendly since she focuses on keeping it simple but pretty. Definitely a must watch!!



If you are interested in interior design and wish to learn more about the software that is used in this field, then SketchUp is definitely a tool you should learn. SketchUp is one of the best digital tools you can use in interior design and this channel offers tutorials on how to use this software and many more. A must watch if you wish to learn technical skills for interior design.


Interior Dezign is a channel created with the intention to provide information about many aspects of interior design, the videos are visually appealing and with great animation that makes the learning process more dynamic. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of videos, the ones that are there are very useful with topics varying from fundamentals of design, interior finishes and furniture, to videos about history Architecture and Interior design.


The Kinwoven Home is a Youtube Channel created by interior designer Sharrah Stevens, this channel gives you tips and information to help you make your house a cozy and beautiful place for you and your family to enjoy taking into account important facts like budget, color, family members, lighting, style and more. Sharrah also has a website where you can take design sessions (10 US dollars a month) to learn everything you need to know to become your own designer.


Interior designer Kristen McGowan’s Youtube channel is a cool mix of interior design and home decor practical tips, lifestyle and do it yourself videos, she does many videos about organization and cleaning which is great if you’re thinking about decorating your home and she has even more videos about home decor for every room in a house that you can use a guide or inspiration. The way she delivers the information is quite simple to understand and it’s very well explained. This channel is great to look for ideas to decorate your home.

What do you think about these Youtube Channels? Would you like to recommend another inspiring channel? Let us know in the comments!

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