3D models by furniture brands

Are you looking for 3D models from furniture brands to try in visualizations? Here we have a list of fabulous 3d models offered directly from the furniture brands. This way you can test them in your 3D designs or use them to make beautiful interior visualizations.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair’s collection of furniture, lighting, decor and all things home is big! I’m confident to say that if you want to design your room using only their 3D warehouse models you will do just fine, it has a lot of items to look from and spend hours making your combinations according to the style of your choice.

Models: Seating, bedding, storage, tables, lighting
Styles: Modern, coastal, rustic, industrial
Total models: 1,000 +
3D Types: Sketchup Model, Collada file

2. Maisons du monde

Editor’s favorite!

The options here seem to be endless… which means endless fun! I absolutely loved looking through all of Maisons du Monde’s collection, it has so many objects that you won’t even know that you are looking for them until you see them. The decor items seem infinite and every little object or accent you think you could need for your own project you will find, its object collection is huge and you can basically get everything you need from the 3D Warehouse catalogue (yes… I really liked this one)

Models: Storage, seating, decor, tables, lighting
Styles: Industrial
Total models: 2,000+
3D Types: Sketchup Model, Collada file

3. Made.com

This is the sofa kingdom! Look no further since the seating options are big. Made.com’s furniture collection is great and it has so many sofas and seating options, it also has other furniture options as well, the items are beautiful and simple so if that’s what you are looking for in your own design this is a really nice option for you to get inspired.

Models: Seating, storage, tables, lighting
Styles: Industrial, modern
Total models: 1,900+
3D Types: FBX file

4. Kare

Kare’s items are unique, unconventional and may I say fun, It has a large item collection for you to choose from for your innovative room design, the objects are bold and authentic which is awesome if you are looking for an extreme, fresh and different makeover in your home. This is a really good option of furniture and decor if you want a unique and bold space which reflects your authentic personality.

Models: Furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories
Styles: Modern, industrial
Total models: 2,500+
3D Types: Sketchup, collada file.

5. Muuto

Muuto’s items are functional, have a gorgeous aesthetic and have a bold design, each piece is a delight and inspiring, the materials are so well combined and you can actually download the texture materials for the items in the collection which is awesome, the download library might be a little confusing because it doesn’t have a preview option but since it’s not too big you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble downloading the files that you want, you just need a little patience.

Models: Tables, lighting, seating, accessories
Styles: Scandinavian
Total models: 100+
3D Types: 3DS, DWG, OBJ, Sketchup

6. Norman Copenhagen


Although there are not as many items available for download in Norman Copenhagen’s catalogue as in other options on this list, the files that are indeed available are super helpful, you can download 2D and 3D files of their products which can be really helpful if you want to design the floor plan of your room renovation project as this catalogue offers both files… oh and by the way, the furniture is really gorgeous!

Models: Seating, lighting, tables
Styles: Contemporary
Total models: 90+
3D Types: 3DS, DWG, DFX, Sketchup, Revit

7. Serax

The furniture, accessories and lighting items in this collection are a delight! I really really loved the simplicity and found these pieces to be inspiring and fresh as well as relaxed but also with beautiful details… and dare I say breathtaking even? All of the items are in DWG format and even though it is not that big of a collection it definitely made an impression on me. Check it out, it’s worth it!

Models: Lighting, seating, tables, accessories
Styles: Contemporary
Total models: 380+
3D types: DWG

8. BoConcept

BoConcept’s 3D portal has a collection of a wide range of their designs for you to use for your own interior design projects and I have to say that I love Boconcept’s designs. The collection’s items are so clean and beautiful and inspiring if you wish to start a renovation project in your own home since there are so many objects for you to choose from, it’s definitely a delight to search through all of the items available.

Models: Accessories, dining, seating, storage, textiles
Styles: Scandinavian, vintage
Total models: 1,300+
3D Types: DWG, 3DS, OBJ, MTL

9. Fritz Hansen

This design brand’s image bank offers a lot of 2D and 3D models available for download in several formats, as well as styling and packshot images that you can use for personal non commercial use, the usage of these files requires authorizations from the graphic department of the brand.

Models: Furniture, lighting, accessories
Styles: Modern, industrial
Total models: 490
3D Types: Sketchup, 3DMax, 3DS, DWG, DXF, FBX, OBJ

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